Photos: Capital PN releases District Hero portraits!

Capital PN has released some very exquisite posters celebrating the District Heroes portraits. They released for district 3,4,6,7,9,10 and 12.

Check some out below:

Lily Elsington, District 12

To our brothers and sisters of District 12 we say — bravo! Your honorable work ethic and perseverance has not gone unnoticed, and the Capitol appreciates your commitment to serving our great nation.

Now more than ever you must remember the importance of our system and the greater good it creates. Embrace the sweat on your brow and the sores on your fingers. Allow the soot to settle along your feet. You are the light that shines in the coal mines you venture. Take pride in your scars of labor, for they are labors of love for your country.

Triti Lancaster, District 9

The Capitol gives high praise to the citizens of its Grain District! We have taken note of your sprightly efforts, and to honor the spirit of Panem’s bountiful “Bread Basket”, we hope you find continued inspiration in Triti Lancaster as your model of District 9 heroism.

From the minute the sun graces the skies with its radiance to the moment it quietly slips away and into the night, you embrace your duties with the utmost care. The time, love and commitment your pour into your work enables our industrious nation to take one step further into becoming the nation it was always meant to be. To say the Capitol appreciates the dedication would be an understatement, for your allegiance is held to the highest esteem.

Click here to see more of the District Heroes.


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